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Xinya College is the first Residential Liberal Arts College set up by Tsinghua University to explore the reform and innovation of undergraduate education. We aim to connect ancient and modern studies, integrate Chinese and Western studies, and combine arts and sciences. Founded in September, 2014, Xinya initially operated as the liberal arts education pilot site of Tsinghua, then it was formally established in May 2016. Since then, Xinya has recruited students of arts and sciences from all over the country. Now we have 415 students and 186 have graduated from Xinya.

Xinya students would first receive liberal arts education for two semesters which features classics reading, small-class teaching, in-depth discussion, and teacher-student interaction. After one year, students are free to choose any major in Tsinghua (except for the eight-year clinical medicine and majors of the Academy of Arts & Design) to receive specialized education. This includes Xinya College's interdisciplines of PPE (stands for Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and CDIE (stands for Creative Design and Intelligent Engineering). As students step into their sophomore year, they will have the dual identity of Xinya College and the specialized department, with Xinya College responsible for accommodation, the daily management, and extracurricular activities. Upon completion of the liberal arts and specialized education, students will obtain a degree in the corresponding major.