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Specialized Training

As the pilot site of general education of Tsinghua University, Xinya College has been committed to exploring the undergraduate talent cultivation model under the collegiate system based on general education and integrating general education and specialized education, for the purpose of training outstanding talents with "sound personality, broad foundation, innovative thinking, global vision and a strong sense of social responsibility".

All students are initially admitted into general studies of liberal arts and sciences. They will first receive the characteristic and in-depth general education with mathematics, science, and humanities as the core. After one year, students are free to choose the major they are interested in (except for the eight-year clinical medicine and majors of the Academy of Arts & Design) to receive specialized education. This includes Xinya College's characteristic interdisciplines (PPE and CDIE). Specialized education mainly includes basic specialized courses, core specialized courses and related training links. Upon completion of the general and specialized education Xinya College and a specialized college/department offer respectively, students will obtain a degree in the corresponding major.

As students start the study at a specialized college/department in their sophomore year, they will have the dual identity of Xinya College and the specialized college/department. However, Xinya College is responsible for the management of undergraduate status, the training on the second class, and accommodation.

Tsinghua University offers majors in the following five categories:

A. Natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.)

B. Engineering sciences (computer, electronics, automation, software, electrical machinery, aerospace, civil and hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, materials science, engineering physics, chemical engineering, etc.)

C. Humanities (Chinese, foreign languages, history, philosophy, Marxism, etc.)

D. Social sciences (economics and management, law, sociology, psychology, international politics, etc.)

E. Characteristic interdisciplines (PPE, CDIE, architecture, etc.)

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