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Liberal Arts Education

Liberal arts education courses are the characteristic basic courses Xinya College offers. These courses are based on the integration of ancient with modern cultures, Chinese with western cultures, and liberal arts with sciences. With Chinese and other global civilizations, traditional cultures and modern spirits, humanism and science as the main thread, Xinya College values not only teaching of knowledge but also methodological guidance. Through these core courses, it encourages students to understand and reflect on what they have been taught while guiding them to apply their majors in other disciplines, comprehend their majors from different perspectives, and understand the history of their major and its relationships with other intellectual fields. Xinya College attempts to help students develop the abilities to evaluate different values, think critically, conduct interdisciplinary learning, be innovative, think scientifically, appreciate beauty, and appropriately express themselves in written and verbal form.

The core characteristics of liberal arts education courses are as follows: small classes with less than 30 students are generally adopted to cultivate students' comprehensive understanding and effective expression of human knowledge and its value through deep learning, effective discussion, interdisciplinary education and teacher-student interaction.

In addition, the stratified teaching approach is applied in some courses (or sciences) such as mathematics and physics to help students develop their interest in different majors.