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On October 30, Xinya College held a meeting on students' career planning guidance. Following the employment sharing meeting held on October 15, this exchange meeting is another effort made by the College to serve the future development of undergraduates and help them better plan their careers. The exchange meeting witnessed both online and offline attendees. The teachers and staff members included Jin Leili, Deputy Director of the Career Development Center (CDC), Tsinghua University; Mei Ciqi, Dean of Xinya College; Ruan Dong, Deputy Dean of Xinya College; Zhang Yuanzhe, Head of the college's Student Working Group, and some student counselors. Besides, there were nearly 100 students, including all students enrolled in 2020 as well as those enrolled in 2019 under a five-year educational system or under the flexible educational system. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Weite, Deputy Dean of Xinya College.

Mei Ciqi first emphasized the importance of career planning for students. Planning does not aim at "rat race" or utilitarianism. It can help identify something meaningful that people want to do before choosing a path that is acceptable and feasible.

Jin Leili later gave a report on "Choices for Undergraduates of Tsinghua University after Graduation". Jin said that students should first take the ultimate goal into consideration when doing their career and academic planning. In the opinion of Jin, the two keywords of career planning are "exploration" and "choice". Only by taking actions to carry out scientific, proactive, diverse and long-term explorations can people make clear choices about the direction of their future.

Afterwards, some graduates of Xinya College and representatives of the graduating class shared their experience. The topics of going abroad, domestic employment, pursuing interdisciplinary postgraduate studies, and pursuing intradisciplinary postgraduate studies were selected respectively by Chen Zonghao enrolled in Electronics in 2017, Li Yongkang enrolled in Economics and Management in 2019, Tan Zelin enrolled in Computer Science in 2018, and Li Qingyang enrolled in Physics in 2019.

At the end of the meeting, Ruan Dong put forward some expectations: First of all, the students should have a clear understanding of the key links and important periods of time during their development; secondly, they should do reasonable planning and do not be utilitarians who blindly adopt the trend; finally, the students should take initiative to communicate with teachers and schoolmates in a confident manner. Mei Ciqi encouraged students to make their own choices through one exploration after another, and actively communicate with teachers to find their own development path by utilizing the institutional resources of the university.

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