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On the morning of May 12, Hongyi Honor College of Wuhan University Dean Shi Jing, Deputy Secretary Fang Ping, Vice Dean Lv Jing, General Affairs Office Director Hu Junfeng, Student Affairs Office Director Cheng Xiaoting, Secretary of Youth League Committee Tang Yu, and Teaching Management Office Director Li Ning visited Xinya College, Tsinghua University to exchange views on topics ranging from the concept of general education to college system building and how to most effectively train top talent. Xinya College Dean Mei Ciqi, Student Work Group Head Zhang Yuanzhe, General Affairs Office Director Wang Xiaojing, and Teaching Affairs Office Director Zhang Wenjing among others attended the exchange meeting.

Dean Mei Ciqi began by extending a cordial welcome to the delegation from Hongyi Honor College. He then proceeded to speak of innovative measures adopted by Tsinghua University in the training of talent and development of Xinya College in recent years. After that, he expounded on Xinya College's educational philosophy and initiatives in general curriculum, development of interdisciplinary specializations (PPE, CDIE), and establishment of a 10,000-hour college-based extracurricular training system.

Dean Shi Jing touched on Hongyi Honor College's philosophy on training top talent, objectives, and the development process as a whole. He then went on to share Hongyi Honor College’s experience with general education curriculum, interdisciplinary studies, training for top talent, and college system building among others.

The two sides wrapped up the meeting with in-depth exchanges on their respective approaches to college system building, training for top talent, integrating general and specialized education and interdisciplinary studies, and expressed a desire to see the two colleges pursue further exchanges and cooperation in the future.

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