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On the evening of May 11th, 2019, the secondStudentFestival of Xinya College, entitled “You Yuan Er”, was grandly held in Tsinghua Auditorium. Studentsfrom all grades, teachers fromCollegeAffairsCommittee, some course teachers, head teachers, teachers fromCollegeOffice, all gathered and spent a warm and happy evening.

Student Festival is a traditional student cultural activity in Tsinghua University. The first Student Festival in Tsinghua was held by the Department of Computer Science in 1984. Since then, the annual student festival of each department has become a youth festival for Tsinghua students. In 2018, the young Xinya College held its first student festival,entitled“Sheng Feng Qi Shi”, which was an instant hit. This year, the second student festival,entitled“You Yuan Er”, had rich and novel program forms, in-depth and thoughtful contents, and blazing live atmosphere.

In this student festival party, the classenrolled in 2016presented two DV dramas. “Like a Dream” discussed ideals,and “Musical Roast” sharply spit out some people and things in the college. The chorus “Spring Festival Self-help Guide” by the classenrolled in 2017focused on how college students positionand developthemselves, which won wide acclaim for expressing profound ideas in fresh form. The classenrolled in 2018presented two stage plays: laughing “Millionaire in the North Building 10” and moving “Nobody Dances”. The DV drama “Seven Colors of Dreams” produced by Xinya CDIE students expressed rich stories and emotions with simple jigsaw puzzle, which amazed audiences. In addition, midnight radio, 10+3/4 band, orchestra, chorus group and dance girls’ group all appeared on the stage and presented brilliant programs.

All the live programs, pre-publicity and outreach work at the student festival were all completed by Xinya students themselves. Behind the scenes, there were many students’ hard work and silent efforts.

The second student festival of Xinya College came to an end, but the beautiful songs and smiles will remain in our hearts.

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