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After vigorous communication between students from the management committee of Xinya College and those for the management of He Shanheng Library at Yuanpei College, Peking University,five students from the management committee visited the underground space in Yuanpei College (Building 35 in Peking University) on October 17, 2021, and exchanged ideas with students for the management of He Shanheng Library.

At about 3:00 p.m. on that day, members of the management committee arrived at Building 35 in Peking University. They first came to He Shanheng Library on its first underground floor.

For He Shanheng Library, a total of 11 years of management experience has been accumulated since its establishment in 2010. Especially after its relocation to Building 35 in 2018, greatprogress has been made in book procurement, book borrowing and returning, and volunteer management. Students from the Xinya management committee visited the library, and sufficiently learned about its organizational structure, management and operation model, and other aspects.

Then they visited the entire underground space of Building 35 in Yuanpei College, including the gym, billiard room, painting and calligraphy room, dance room, reading room, karaoke room and other functional areas, and were greatly impressed.

Afterwards, Xinya management committee learned about the new smart campus system launched by Yuanpei College this year, which integrates the functions of multi-function room reservation, club activities, announcement publishing, and course selection, and thus greatly benefits the students at Yuanpei College in study and life. Students from the management committee inquired about the development process,thedevelopment team,thedifficulty during the development and other relevant information concerning the system. It served as an important reference for the management, maintenance and possible optimization and upgrading of the mini program "Xinya Life Assistant" just launched on WeChat.

The management committee's visit to Yuanpei College of Peking University was successful, and the students all found it fruitful. We also expect our counterparts from Yuanpei College to visit the North Building 10 in the south of Tsinghua University!

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