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At 18:00 on May 8, 2021, students of all grades,courseteachers, classteachers, andthe staff of theadministrative council and the deans’ office ofXinya College were brought together in the auditorium to celebrate the 3rd Student Festival of Xinya College with the theme of "New Wave".

As one of the oldest cultural activities of Tsinghua University for students and a large-scale one, the Student Festival has always been the most expected and valued by students at Xinya College. Since the release of the "New Wave" poster on April 7, the Xinya Student Union has launched a series of events as preparation for the festival, such as performances, prize-winning interactions, creative customization, and exhibition of students’ works. Three trailers, MV and preview were released three days before the festival. Teachers and students held increasingly high expectations for the gala at the festival.

It had three parts: "music and dance", "drama and talk", and "feelings and emotions". The students of all grades and several teachers from Xinya participated in or launched programs. Within the unforgettable four hours, fascinating music, lively dances, hilarious DV dramas, stage plays, and cross talks were presented.

The show started with three pieces of rock music from the 1970s performed by "North Building 10 Band". Their interpretation of the classic songs was even more rocky than "Eagles" and more poetic than "Guns N' Roses"!

The dance, with four popular songs most favored by the students pieced together, revealed a love story from the 1980s, the revelry in the 1990s and the fashion trend in the 2000s, through elegant, gentleman-like or fascinating steps.

It was followed by the performance in seven Chinese folk-art forms. There was laughter or contemplation in silence, and continuous rounds of applause and cheers.

Happy laughter and cheerful voices fromthestudents at Xinya College were heard in "New Wave", besides which, teachers in all age groups and counselors of all grades here told the story of how they became the trend-seekers in different ways. The dean won the most cheers from students with his sharing.

Before the festival ended, students enrolled at Xinya College in 2017 presented a special program about graduation — "Your Regrets".

We hope that every student at Xinya College will go through his or her youth without regrets!

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