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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), which originated at Oxford University in the 1920s, is designed to develop students' vision for understanding the modern world through the interdisciplinary study of philosophy, politics and economics. It aims to train senior civil servants, as well as political and economic leaders with a Bachelor's Degree in Law (in a broad sense) after four-year schooling.

Students in this major need to attend general education courses in basic mathematics, humanities and social sciences, and learn the most core and fundamental theories and methods in politics, economics and philosophy. This is not simply piling up the existing courses of the three disciplines. Student's problem awareness and ability of analysis and judgment will be developed through high-intensity and high-quality courses. Students are trained to understand, analyze and solve social problems from the perspective of the three disciplines, integrate and synthesize knowledge in various fields, and enhance their solid foundation, innovative thinking, global vision and social responsibility.

Disciplinary leaders of PPE: Gan Yang, Wang Hui and Zhao Xiaoli.


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