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The "New Wave Exhibition of Students' Works", part of the 2021 Student Festival events at Xinya College, was held on May 6 and 7 in the hall on the first floor of District A of Teaching Building 6.

The exhibition revolved around "Tradition, New Wave and Art", and showcased 31 artworks created by 18 students from Xinya, in the form of creative design, painting and photography.

The tradition and the trendy collided in an ingenious way. The works were different in style, involving ancient architecture, natural scenery, portraits, traditional skills, and campus years. The whimsy and fancy ideas of students at Xinya College were fully displayed in works and attracted many students in Teaching Building 6.

Here is a detailed introduction to each exhibit..

Title: Ying · IN

Creator: Da Shaohua

Introduction: Through the reflection of modern architecture, we can appreciate the clear outline of ancient monuments. Just as the new wave has nothing to do with tension or subversion, it conveys the tenderness of symbiosis and the courage for surging forward.

Title: Scroll of the Yangtze River

Creator: Zhan Ziyi

Introduction: The work is a scroll of landscapes by imitating the painting of the Song Dynasty. The waves are rolling, indicating the changes of the times.

Title: Flowing Time

Creator: Yu Hanying

Introduction: The photo was taken at the Gallery of Clocks of the Palace Museum. I felt that time was flowing through. It's both old and new.

Title: Antiquity and Order

Creator: Ao Chaoyu

Introduction: It is from a corner of the ancient city wall in Xi'an. It's old yet constantly new as it will always be.

Title: Faded, Repressed or Gaudy Mask

Creator: Anonymous

Introduction: The photo is not specially processed in black and white, but just an accidental product against a pale night from small apertures superimposed. Such a mountain can be seen everywhere, the water is an artificial lake, and the boats or pavilions are nothing more than large-scale kitsch in red and yellow with deliberately worn traces. In the dusk, however, these gaudy elements accidentally constitute a certain form of elegance.

Title: Scissor Making

Creator: Zhang Ningning

Introduction: The scissor-making process, once a traditional form of art, is now seen on the modern assembly line.

Title: New House in Old Courtyard

Creator: Yu Ruotong

Introduction: A new-style bookstore has been built in the old lane and a unique urban landscape created where tradition and fashion collide.

Title: Display of Fireworks and a Sea of Lanterns

Creator: Yu Ruotong

Introduction: On Lunar New Year's Eve, numerous lanterns were hung up on trees in front of the ancient castle wall in Nuanquan Town. The ancient way of celebrating and the ancient technique that originated during the Hongzhi period of the Ming Dynasty are combined to express the expectation for new life and greet the new wave of the times.

Creator: Zhang Yizhuo

Introduction: Concrete, cloud and smoke, and a wooden structure.

Title: Picking Tea Leaves

Creator: Zhang Ningning

Introduction: Picking the new shoots from the naturally growing tea trees is a part of the traditional tea-making process. "It would be too early on the Tomb-Sweeping Day, too late on the Start of Summer, and the most appropriate around the Grain Rain."

Title: The Prison House by Barragan Piranesi

Creator: Zhang Ruotian

Introduction: It is mainly based on Giovanni Battista Piranesi's prison themed paintings, with a collage of the photos of the four works of Casa Luis Barragan, Convento de Capuchinas, Torres de Satlite, Cuadra San Cristobal and Fuente de los Amantes, and Casa Gilardi by Luis Barragan. It was created during the outbreak. Piranesi's prison themed paintings here suggest an imagined, deconstructed fragment of life, and Barragan's works an experiential, felt emotion of life. I want us to reflect on whether the fragments of architectural language or the building itself have emotional tendencies, whether the discourse that has been deconstructed and reorganized can regain the opposite meaning through re-deconstruction, and whether challenge can be made to the fragments and darkness with the authentic spirit of the two opposites, so as to reconstruct the home-like tranquility with water and nature as the elements, that is, the spiritual home that Barragan loved and indulged in. Or we can collect fragments of life that have been criticized for a long time from the prison-like modern life with a lack of beliefs and spirit where people are confined to home, and keep the structure and skeleton during reorganization with splicing and beautifying, so as to reshape the authentic beliefs and seek heroism in ordinary life.

Title: Old Times

Creator: Zhu Xiangrong

Introduction: In the garden under the moonlight, the bells of the car bring people back to the old times.

Title: Intertwined Stars and Moon

Creator: Zhao Kun

Introduction: The different painting styles represent the overlap of eras, and the white cracks in the middle suggest the infinite future.

Title: "Inner Affinity"

Creator: Wang Shuke

Introduction: I would like to dedicate my first watercolor painting to my exes in the spring of 2021: Color Basics Course, Max Weber and New Wave Student Festival. I wish you all a power of martial arts.

Title: Mr. Gan ?

Creator: Liu Meng

Introduction: It is a modern portrait of Mr. Gan with the technique of Chinese bird-and-flower paintings.

Title: "Actually, no one is taking photo of the second gate"

Creator: Anonymous

Introduction: It was taken casually on the day of the garden party in the university. The photo itself is very misleading — in fact, the military band concealed in the crowd is the focus. The second gate, regrettably, stepped down at the moment.

Title: Encounter

Creator: Long Jiayu

Introduction: The afterglow you see at 6 o'clock in the evening remains the same with the passage of time. The sand road down below indicates the vicissitudes of the past and the future.

Title: The First Sketch

Creator: Zhang Ningning

Introduction: It depicts the scene of the first sketch in freshman year. In fact, the head of the plaster is not purple and there is no plaster behind the flower.

Title: Viewing the Exhibition

Creator: Zhang Ningning

Introduction: I once saw an exhibition about the changes of fashion images of Xiamen. The tides of the times are recorded. I don't know who put the flower onto the sculpture outside the door.

Title: Untitled

Creator: Chen Yuhong

Introduction: Life and Dreams

Title: New Selfie

Creator: Yu Tianyu

Creator: Zhang Yizhuo

Introduction: Stagnant art and flowing people.

Creator: Zhang Yizhuo

Introduction: A gaze at film from the future at night.

Creator: Zhang Yizhuo

The line of sight has reached infinity, but unfortunately the photo only records a moment.

Title: Knotting the Rope for Coloring and Lighting

Creator: Yu Gang

Introduction: The ancients used rope knots to keep notes, sailors to fix the anchor, and I to blend light and color. The injection-molded optical fiber is soft, so I wove it into a specific shape, and illuminate both of its ends, so that the light seems unpredictable and intertwined in the knot.

Instructor: Zhang Lei

Title: Dangerous Art

Creator: Ao Chaoyu

Title: Structure

Creator: Ao Chaoyu

Title: Warmly Celebrate the Germination of the Little Red Flower

Creator: Wang Shuke

Title: Night Form

Creator: Yu Tianyu

Introduction: "Night Form" is inspired by the night scene of urban buildings. The decorative lights expect to situate people above the bustling city with a designed effect, so that they will feel the tranquility and tininess of the city. Paper in different colors can be placed inside the lamp holder for the changes of colors.

Title: About March

Creator: Li Ruiyao

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