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TheGrain Rain is over but the students are still unable to return to school due to thepandemic. For all students,theXinya Society collected photographic and painting works during the winter vacation andspring semester of2020, andheld anonline exhibition. These works reflect the students’ lives,viewpointsandideas during this period of time.

A total of 28photographic works and 14 paintings were collected.The contributors are students who enrolled in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Mountaintop| YU Tianyu

To find a place free fromthevirus, I climbed the hills near my home with my friends (there are many mountains in Dalian City). After reaching the top, we looked up at the patchy clouds in the sky andtookphotos of them witha wide-angle lens. Can you see thethree-dimensional sky?

Late Spring | PENG Zhongyao

I didn’t expect to stay home until spring. I had not experienced the spring in my hometown for a long time. The spring in thesouth regions of the Yangtze River provides people with comprehensive feelings. The temperature of wind and sunlight, colors of leaves, speed and sense of sunset, and humidity and sound of rain remind me ofmychildhood andgive me comfort.

Reflection | HAN Yikun

I feel bored at home, so I enjoy the reflection in my cup.

BridgeOver The River | YU Gang

This is a railway bridge over Songhua River which opened to traffic 120 years ago and has now beenturned into a railway park. During thepandemic, it became the only road connecting thesouthern and northern parts of Harbin.People could stillwalk over it,but the roadwaywas blocked.

Love | ZHANG Ruotian

For those who can’t go out, enjoyarainbow to feel the loveofthe world.

What’s Outside TheWindow During The Fifth Class | DA Shaohua

Although I can’t see the sunrise, at least I won’tmiss the sunset!

Wintertime ofaDog| ZHANG Ruotian

I visitedagrave in the countryside beforeNew Year’s Eve. I passed by the house of my Auntie. I had a simplemeal with her. Before I left, the dog stood up and wasreluctant to see me off (I didn’t take photos in time). I had strong feelings in my heart. I only hope that the dog has a happy winter, safe and sound.

Emptiness | WANG Haoyu

It’s rare to see the cityempty without crowds and flows of cars and buses. I hope the pandemic will be oversoon,and I look forward to eternal sunny days.

Ducks with Chickens| LIU Shiyi

Chickens meet with ducks. Ducks have the advantages, obviously.

ThreeBuffaloes | LIU Shiyi

Threebuffaloesenjoy the grass.

Under Construction| AO Chaoyu

I went back to my hometown during the Spring Festival and accidentally entered a building under construction. The light and shadowwere very interesting.

Vast Snows and Silent,Empty Mountains| LIU Xingjian

At the northern part of the Great Wall during winter, the colors of nature were fading. Therewas aclear sky, vast snows, silent dead wood and empty mountains. Facing the pandemic, there is still warmth in the world.

Pavilion and Snow| LI Siqi

In Beijing, thereissnow inXishan National Forest Park, forming a fairyland ofwonders.

ASnack Bar | ZHANG Ningning

It’s just asnack bar.


SurprisingMountain| CHEN Yuhong

Because we can’t go out recently, I started to recall the places I’ve visited. When I practicedonthe mountain during thesummer vacation, I walkedacrossa bridge. I thoughttherewas a house in a town at the other end of the bridge,andthe sky above the house.WhenI got closer, I foundthatthe darkareawas a mountain, notthe sky. This feeling was strange. I thought there wasavoid before me, but then I saw the hugesubstance up ahead. On the substance wereshadowy trees, but there were shimmers reflected by the leaves when seen carefully. It was strange that,despite being dark, the huge substance wasn’t overwhelming butcalming. I painted thisin the hope of capturing my feelingsaboutthe scene. I failed to paint theovershadowing feeling of space, so I just want to share this fantastic moment with you.

Chirping overCrowding Houses | ZHANG Haoran

With bright colors arranged on a dull day, I miss the clear sky and flying birds, includingcrows with the interwoven paints. I imagine that I’m walking into the spring in a garden…It’s interesting during leisure time.

Sitting| ZHANG Ruotian

We are all sitting oncomputer chairs every day.

Thinking offormulasin the dead of night

See the equations.

Farewell to Single Status| FANG Yuanyuan

This is a card for myelder sister tobid farewell to her single status,hahaha!

Bulb | WANG Yukun

When I finished painting the bulb, the lamp in my house was broken…

AWatercolor Painting | ZHANG Ningning

It’s awatercolor painting.

Quasimodo | CHEN Yuhong

I likeQuasimodo inNotre-Dame de Paris very much~

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