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SHI Xiping


Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

After graduating from Industrial Design Department of Central Academy of Arts & Design in 1985 with a B.A degree, he has been teaching Styling Basics, Expression of Three-dimensional Design, Product Design, Exhibition Design, Thesis Writing, etc. in Industrial Design Department, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University. As the leader of Exhibition Design Discipline, he was hired as associate professor in 1997,and was promoted professor in 2006. Now he is a professor and PhD supervisor of Tsinghua University.

Part-time Titles in the Important Academic Communities:

1)Executive Director, Exhibition Association of China

2)Artistic Director, the Opening and Closing Ceremony in the 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou, China

3)International Jury, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

4)Participated in the Provincial pavilion (Beijing and Shanxi Province Pavilion included) evaluation as a judge in jury for EXPO 2010 Shanghai in 2009.

Research Interest

Research of Exhibition Design and Resource Integration

Academic Propositions

This research has produced remarkable and unique effect in interdisciplinary, resource sharing and collaborative work. This is an essential way to realize the innovative country, sustainable development and low carbon life. Exhibition design and resource integration are needed in large-scale national or regional events or various kind of small-scale projects. The success of Beijing Olympic Games, EXPO2010 Shanghai and other large-scale activities is reflected in two important aspects: In the macro aspect, the effective organization and management of the design teams from different disciplines have formed a strong force. In the micro aspects, the expertise of each team being brought into play in a rational and science-based approach has ensured capacity of the implementation in each link. Prof. Shi has been involved in many large-scale projects in display design field, and put into practice the core of this innovation design thought. For example, the project of “city image positioning and facilities design of Qujiang Development Zone in Xi’an” has closely reflected the importance of resource integration. As for the team with multi-disciplinary background and the localized design idea of making use of local natural resources (stones, wood, etc.), the core idea of this design innovation has been put into practice. However, these research directions haven’t yet been formed into a mature system. Therefore, it has great academic value and development potentials in future. Prof. Shi and his exhibition design team are working in this direction for further research. Their rich practical experience in this direction also lays a foundation for the theoretical construction of this field.

Academic Achievements

He participated in the designing and directing job for the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games in 2008

He was appointed by Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee as the Art Director for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 16th Asian Games

He participated in the Provincial pavilion (Beijing and Shanxi Province Pavilion included) evaluation as a judge in jury for EXPO 2010 Shanghai in 2009

He participated in China Culture Week of Display Design in France, 2003

He presided over the design and show of the rational utilization of environment and resources——Tsinghua Basic Research Fund, 2004

Exhibition Design for National Laboratory of Information and Technology Research Institute, 2005

Beijing West Second Ring Road Facility Design, 2006

First Prize of Competition of Public Facility Design for Olympic Games, 2005

Author of the Industrial Design tutorial book, second prize of teaching results granted by the Ministry of Education

He presided over the Honor Room Design for Beijing Dongcheng District Court,2007

Sports and fitness exhibition design for Beijing Municipal Science Association,2005

Public facility design for Qujiang Development zone in Xi’an, 2004

985 research project – Urban Living Water Conservation System, 2003

Industrial Design Forming Basics, Tsinghua Press, 2005

Expression of Design, Three-Dimensional Expression of Design, Display Design, Tsinghua Press, 2005

Design and Rational Use of Resources, International Design Forum in Korea, 2003

Urban Living Water Saving System, 985 research project, 2003 Etc.

Academic Teaching

Courses for undergraduates and postgraduates for more than 700 hours from 2006 to date;

14 Masters (graduated) (including 10 general masters and 4 Master of Arts);

4 Postgraduate students (still on campus) (including 1 general master student, 1 Master of Arts and 2 Master of Engineering);

Undergraduate courses: Comprehensive Styling Basics, Professional Project Training, Exhibition Design 1,2, and 3, Introduction to Exhibition, Exhibition Innovative Design, etc.

Postgraduate courses: Study on Exhibition Space