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ZHANG Guogang

Born in Susong County, Anqing City, Anhui Province, in 1956, Zhang Guogang is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Department of History, School of Humanities, Tsinghua University.

He once served as a supervisor at Xinya College, and offers the courses such as Introduction to Zizhi Tongjian and History of Sui, Tang and the Five Dynasties.


Website of personal information:


1988, Doctor of History, Nankai University.

1989-1994/1996-1998/1999 Studying in Germany Alexander von Humboldt Scholar in Germany;

Visiting Professor or Scholar, University of Hamburg, University of Cambridge, Free University of Berlin, and Trier University

Work Experience

2006 Changjiang Distinguished Professor in the 10th batch by the Ministry of Education

2004.4 Professor, Department of History, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

1994.12 Professor, Department of History, Nankai University (returned to China in August of the same year)

1992.4 Professor, Institute of Sinology, Trier University, Germany (reappointed as a professor in 1996-1998)

1989.8 Started studies as an Alexander von Humboldt Scholar in Germany

1988.8 Conferred a doctorate after completing the on-the-job studies (the first postgraduates under his supervision enrolled in the same year)

1987.5 Promoted to Associate Professor

1983.8 Promoted to Lecturer

Research Fields

History of ancient China, and history of Sui and Tang Dynasties; history of Chinese and Western cultural relations, and history of Western Sinology