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HUANG Yusheng

Tel: 010-62782777



Huang Yusheng was born in 1965.

He graduated from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Science and received his Ph.D. in philosophy. He is currently a professor of the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University. His current positions are the Standing Member & Chief Secretary of the Chinese Association for Foreign Philosophy Studies, and Member of the Chinese Association for Modern Foreign Philosophy Studies.


1983-1987, Undergraduate student, Philosophy Department, Xiamen University.

1987-1990, Graduate student, the Graduate School of the Chinese Akademy of Social Siences M.A.

1992-1995, Ph. D. student, the Graduate School of the Chinese Akademy of Social Siences,Ph. D.

2002,2-12, He has been as a visiting scholar in Department of philosophy Marburg University in Germany.


1997-2003, Associate Professor, Institut of Philosophy, the Chinese Akademy of Social Siences.

2004-2009,5, Professor, Institut of Philosophy, CASS.

2009,6-present, Professor at Tsinghua University.


His main research is in the first philosophy, Germany philosophy , Christian philosophy, political philosophy, comparative studies in Western and Chinese philosophy.



Time and Eterness: on the problem of time in Martin Heideggers philosophy .1997,Beinjing.

Truth and Freedom: an ontological interpretation of Kants philosophy. 2002, Nanjing.

Medieval philosophy. 2005,Nanjing.

Meeting of religion with philosophy: a study of Christian philosophy of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.2008, Nanjing.

From a Future Perspective.2014,Beijing.

Main Articles:

The Essence of truth and the truth of essence: on M.Heideggers Conception of truth. Social sciences in China, No.2. 1999, Beijing.

the Starting point of universal ethics: individual Freedom or relational Boles? History of Chinese philosophy,No.3, 2003.,Beijing. And, Contemporary Chinese thought, 2007/Vol.39,No.1.

Kants revolution in aesthetics. Philosophical researches, No.8 , 2004, Beijing.

What's philosophy and why shall we study the History of philosophy: the Validity of Chinese philosophy. History of Chinese philosophy,No3,2004,Beijing.

Freedom and Right: on kant's political philosophy. The journal of jiangsu administation institute, No.5, 2005,Nanjing.

On the Boundary between philosophy and religion. Journal of Graduate school of Chinese Academy of social siences,No.2,2006,Beijing.

On love and freedom. Zhe jiang Academic Journal, No.4,2007,Hangzhou.

Love and third Person. World philosophy, No.2,2009,Beinjing.

The reason to Deny the second Coming of Christ. Zhe jiang Academic Journal, No.4,2009,Hangzhou.

Kant's Cognitive Approach to the concept of Freedom. Jiangsu social sciences,No.6, 2009, Nanjing.