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Doctor of Arts, Vice Dean

Editor-in-chief of Tsinghua Arts

Academic Interest

1. Western Art History and Visual Culture

2. Christian Art

3. Contemporary Chinese Art Criticism

Academic Standpoint

The study on western art history aims to provide object to learn form for Chinese culture and arts development, and enrich the connotation of Chinese culture. The main research content is the European renaissance art and contemporary western fine arts. Meanwhile, the focus is on the development trend and inherent rules of western visual culture. Christian art is an important component of western civilization, in-depth study over this topic can help us have a deep understanding of the essence and dross of western civilization and discard the dross and keep the essence, so its practical significance and academic value is self-evident. As the western contemporary arts and Chinese contemporary arts are increasingly closely related with each other, the comparison and criticism of Chinese and western contemporary arts can make contributions to the development of Chinese contemporary arts, and thus is the academic ideal of this study.

Academic Achievements

Scientific research projects:

Professor Zhang chaired the projects of western Christian art study (National “Tenth Five-Year” Plan Youth Foundation for Arts and Science) and Study on American Art of 20th Century (2006 Research Project of Tsinghua University Humanities and Social Sciences Rehabilitation Fund)


2003 Excellent Teaching Award for Young Teachers, Tsinghua University; 2004 Study on the Renaissance Arts won excellent teaching achievement award of Tsinghua University (second prize); 2007 selected in the New Century Personnel Support Program of Ministry of Education and in the same year, selected in Beijing New Century Hundred Personnel Program in Social Sciences (second batch); 2009 selected in Tsinghua University Personnel Support Plan for Basic Research and in the same year, papers were awarded the first “China Fine Arts Award-Theoretical Comment Prize” jointly issued by Ministry of Culture, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the Chinese Artists Association.


Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters (Translation). Beijing: China Youth Press, 1998.

Victory of Painting? Victory of USA? –Study on American Abstract Expressionist Painting. Beijing: Culture and Art Publishing House, 2002.

European Fine Arts in the 19th Century (Volume Two). Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2004.

Compendium of Foreign Art History. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2008.


Over 20 papers have been published in the core journals.

Academic Teaching

Compulsory Courses of the Academy: Studies on Renaissance Arts, History of Modern Western Art, and History of World Art

Core Course of Humanity Quality Education at Tsinghua University: History of World Art

Postgraduate Courses: History of China and Foreign Art, Study on Modern and Contemporary Western Art