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Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University




B.Sc. Physics, Jilin University, 1983

M.Sc. Theoretical Physic, Jilin University, 1986

PhD Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Beijing University, 1993


Physics Department, Xinjian University,Assistant Professor,1986—1990

Modern Applied Physics Department, Tsinghua University, Instructor,1993—1998

Advanced Technology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory,Visiting Collaborator,1996—1997

Training for Bilingual Teaching in Science and Engineering, UC San Diego,2002—2003

Physics Department, Tsinghua University,Associate Professor, Professor,1998—now


1993—1994,Physics for Engineering Students,Discussion 1994—now,University Physics,Lecture

2002 and 2004,Analytical Mechanics, Lecture

Research Interests

1991-1996, had researched macroscopic properties of Nuclei with extended Thomas-Fermi(ETF)model. 1996,Began to study the problem of disposal of long-live, highly radioactive waste of nuclear reactor, and the possibility of the accelerator driven nuclear reactor, and the scattering problem between intense laser beam and electrons. 1998, have begun the theoretical and experimental research of the problem of single bubble sonoluminescence. The partial differential equations of fluid mechanics are employed to numerically calculate the process of gas dynamics inside the bubble, the liquid pressure outside the bubble and the bubble instabilities. Develop various bubble-gleaming apparatus, investigate the extreme condition inside the bubble by measuring spectra. This subject includes acoustics and the other physics.

Awards and Membership

1998 Tsinghua University’s education administration award, second class 2000 Tsinghua University’s excellent achievement in teaching award, second class

2000 Tsinghua University’s youth faculty member’s excellent teaching award

2002 SRT direction award, first class

Selected Publications

First or second author of 30 research papers or so have published. Some of publications:

[1] Yu An, Nonlinear bubble dynamics of cavitation, Phys. Rev. E85, 016305 (2012).

[2] Yu An, Formulation of multibubble cavitation, Phys. Rev. E 83, 066313 (2011).

[3] Yu An and Chaohui Li, Diagnosing temperature change inside sonoluminescing bubbles bycalculating line spectra, Phys. Rev. E 80, 046320 (2009).

[4] Yu An and Chaohui Li, Spectral lines of OH radicals and Na atoms in sonoluminescence, Phys. Rev. E 78,046313(2008).

[5] Yu An, Mechanism of single-bubble sonoluminescence,Phys. Rev. E 74,026304 (2006).

[6] Yu An,Plasma in sonoluminescing bubble, ULTRASONICS 44: E439-E444 Suppl. 1, DEC 22 2006.

[7] Yu An, C.F.Ying, Model of single bubble sonoluminescence, Phys. Rev. E 71, 036308 (2005).

[8] Yu An, T. Lu, B. Yang, Instability of sonoluminescing bubbles under a nonspherical symmetrical acoustic-pressure perturbation, Phys. Rev. E 71, 026310(2005).