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JIANG Hongbin

In July 1993, he graduated with bachelor’s degree from the Beijing Central Academy of Craft Art’s Department of Industrial Design;

In February 1998, he obtained master’s degree from the Central Academy of Craft Art and was assigned to teach in Alma Mater at the Department of Industrial Design at the Central Academy of Craft Art.

From October 2002 to March 2004, he went to Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music as a visiting scholar.

In July 2004, he obtained doctorate from Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University.

In 2008, he was hired as an associate professor at Tsinghua University.

In 2009, he was awarded Excellence in Teaching Award for Young Teachers at Tsinghua University. He was also a member of the excellent national teaching group of “Product Comprehensive Design”.

Research Orientation

Product design and innovation study based on system design principles.

Academic Proposition

Industrial design, one of the most fascinating and creative fields, connects quality of modern life with new production methods. This field deserves most of our attention and exploration as humanity faces the future and ponders over its direction of development, and value orientation.

China’s reform and opening-up policy has instilled enormous impetus into the society and the economy. Under the influence of natural, human, and international economic environment and various other factors, we are required to take into consideration human, social, managerial, and economic factors and business development strategies and think about and analyze them under a single system. From this we are able to come up with the design proposal and thought for healthy development of the society.

Therefore, exploration on design thinking, design method and all other fields related to the foundation of system design principles will become an important channel in improving humanity’s concept of design, research capability, design ability, and reevaluation of design education.

Academic Achievements

For a long time, through collaboration with many middle and large scale companies, he finished several design research and planning projects, accumulating a lot of practical experience and new research methods. Among them, research in collaboration with Panosonic and Mitsubishi on users’ lifestyle and product innovation won international praise; design research in collaboration with Lenovo, Huawei, Vatti, KELON, MACRO also won praise. He took part in both the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Torch concept design and Olympic Center lighting design, winning the “China Red Star Design Award: Prime Gold Award and the Best Design Team Award.” In recent years, he applied systemized design principles and methods to research on China’s industrial design developmental strategy and enterprise innovation design mechanism, achieving excellent results. Among them, the 2008-09 Industry Design Development Trends at Home and Abroad and the 2009-10 Chinese Enterprise Innovation Mechanism Manufacturing Business Research and related topics provided professional reference material and scientific basis that became the basis for the government’s support for national industrial design development via China Industrial Design Guidance and other related policies.

In 2004, he was the chief editor of Industrial design book series-operating guide on solidworks software usage (China Architectural Press); in 2007, he compiled A research on design-China ancient design civilization investigation and research (Higher education press). Additionally, he has published many papers in professional journals and international symposiums.

Educational Background

Main Courses: Outline of Industrial Design, Foundation of Comprehensive Product Image, Professional Training on Product Design, Design Thinking Modes and Product Design Strategy.

According to statistics, he had taught 900 class hours for undergraduates since 2006, and instructed 13 graduates in their graduation designs, and tutored two postgraduates.