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LI Zhen

Assistant Professor, Xinya College, Tsinghua University

Tel: (8610) 62786974



2018.07, Ph.D. Philosophy, Peking University

2015.08-2016.12, Visiting Fellow, Harvard-Yenching Institute

2013.07, B.A. Philosophy, Peking University

Work Experience

2021.02-present, Assistant Professor, Xinya College, Tsinghua University

2018.10-2021.01, Postdoc., Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities, Tsinghua University


Chinese Philosophy(1), 14700293, Autumn Semester

A Close Reading of the Zhuangzi, 14700233, Spring Semester

Research Interest

Chinese Philosophy, especially:

(1) Neo-Confucianism;

(2) Philosophy of the Changes.


Shi Heng Young Scholar (2021)

Best Dissertation of Peking University (2018)

Harvard-Yenching Fellowship (2015-2016)

President’s Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates of Peking University (2013-2017)


(fisrt author)

Tsinghua Fund for Independent Research, “Study on Shao Yong’s Philosophy”, 2021 (in progress)

China Postdoctoral Science Fund, “Study on the Scholarship of the Changes in Southern Song Dynasty”,2019 (finished)


Committee Member, Chinese Association of Zhu Xi Studies

Committee Member, International Association of I-Ching Studies

Member, Chinese Association of Zhou Yi



  1. LI Zhen, Observing Things: A Study on Shao Yong’s Philosophy, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2022 (forthcoming)


  2. Michael Puett, To Become God: Cosmology, Sacrifice, And Self-divinization In Early China, translated by Zhang Changxuan and Li Jianyun, Revised by Li Zhen, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2020

    Selected Papers

  3. “On Theory of Mind and Nature in Shao Yong’s Philosophy”, Tsinghua Journal of Chinese Studies, Volume 1, China Social Sciences Press, 2022 (forthcoming).

  4. “The Main Themes and General Characteristics of Shao Yong’s Scholarship on the Changes”, Studies in Sinology, Volume 47, Peking University Press, 2022 (forthcoming).

  5. “From Shao Yong to Zhu Xi: The Development and Completion of ‘One Divided as Two’ Theory”, History of Chinese Philosophy, 2021:6

  6. “On Ti-yong Theory in Shao Yong’s Philosophy”, Philosophical Research, 2020:9.

  7. “From Transformation to Formation: Re-evaluation on Li Zhicai’s and Shao Yong’s Scholarship on the Changes”, Studies of Zhou Yi, 2020:3.

  8. “The Origin, Characteristics and Position in Intellectual history of Shao Yong’s Ti-yong Theory”, History of Chinese Philosophy, 2020:2.

  9. “Wang Fuzhi’s Critics on Shao Yong’s Thoughts”, Beida Journal of Philosophy, Volume 36, Peking University Press, 2018..

  10. “Revaluation of the Collective Works of Shao Yong: Focusing on the Southern Song Edition”, Study on Confucian Classics and Thoughts, Volume 10, Peking University Press, 2018.

  11. “On the Development of the Political Meanings of Yin Yang and the Five Agents in Pre-Qin China”, Journal of Guanzi Studies, 2017:3.

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