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MA Sai


Dean of Academy of Arts and Design

From 1989 to 1993, I studied Industrial Design at the Central Academy of Crafts and Arts and obtained bachelor’s degree of arts upon graduation.

From 2003 to 2005, I was a graduate at the Digital Design School of Dongseo University, South Korea, where I majored in visual design and received master’s degree upon graduation.

From 2006 to 2007, I worked as the dean’s assistant at the School of Industrial Design.

From 2007 up to now, I have been the party branch secretary of the School of Industrial Design.

I was selected as an associate professor at Tsinghua University’s Fine Arts College in 2007.

I was selected to be design judge of Shanxi Pavilion at Shanghai Expo in 2009.

In 2009, I was an expert member of the procession command for the 60th National Day Ceremony in Beijing. In the same year, I was hired as the chief designer of visual design for the closing ceremony of the 16th Asian Games.

Research area

Multi-dimensional visual rendition as it applies to exhibition design

Academic proposition

ith the expansion and deepening of globalization, exhibition design plays an increasingly important role in political communication, economic development and cultural communication between various nations and regions. With the development of the relevant disciplines and improvement in technology, exhibition design as a comprehensive discipline has been enriched greatly, with expansion in both its theories and methods of application. This research direction is based primarily on investigating the origin of exhibition design, with its core being visual communication, integrating information from various other elements and technological means such as spatial environment, information technology and material characteristics. The results of this research, as examined through the form and methodology behind multidimensional art, emphasize the maximization of information transmission in environmental protection and energy saving.

Academic achievements

In the field of exhibition design, I participated in the design and creation for the “The Glorious Course: Exhibition of Achievements on the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China” (sponsored by the State Planning Committee, the Central Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, and the Ministry of Finance and Beijing Municipal Government) in 1999, which was awarded Best Design and Creation. In 2000, I took part in the design work of scenes and presents for Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. In 2001, I participated in the exhibition design of Dalian Navigation Museum. In 2005, I participated in the design work for the “Science, Exercise, Health, Harmony” large-scale science and promotional interactive exhibition during Beijing Science Week, and design of stages for the Seven Brands press conference and “Seven Brand Night: Chinese and Foreign Diplomats Social Party” during Beijing Fashion Week. From 2007 to 2008, I participated in the planning and design of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 29th Olympic Games where, together with a team from Tsinghua University’s Fine Arts College, I finished the design schemes of “Pottery” and “Dragon Post.” In 2008, I took part in the design of the hall and honor room of Beijing’s East District Court. In 2009, I took part in designing the recreation and sports facility renovation project at the Beijing Qiantie Palace of Culture; in the same year, I participated in the design of the floats used for the National Day ceremony. From 2009 to present, I have been taking part in the scheming and design work for Guangzhou Asian Games.

In 1998, I compiled my own textbook, Industrial Design and Exhibition Design; alongside Professor Shi Xiping I co-authored Design Expression III: Solid Expression, which was awarded the Beijing’s Education and Teaching Achievements top prize, issued by the Beijing municipal government. Along with a group of professors, including Professor Shi, I participated in the writing of Exhibition Design and Design Expression, both of which were selected by the Beijing municipal government in 2007 as excellent teaching materials, and consequently were adopted by many colleges.

I also took part in the design of public facilities in Xi'an’s Qujiang development zone, the design of public facilities for Tangshan City, work in the design of signals system and standards establishment for high-speed railway stations as designated by the Chinese Ministry of Railways’, and the revision of Beijing’s control planning schemes and municipal key region designing. As the person appointed primary responsibility, I worked alongside other teachers to complete: “Jinan’s Lvyou Road Advertisement Facility Design in Shandong”, “Street Furniture Planning and Design for Beijing’s Central Business Districts”, “Environmental Facility Design for the Central Area of the Beijing Olympic Garden” and “Digital Beijing Information Pavilion Design”.

Teaching experience

From 2006 onwards, I have spent countless hours teaching undergraduates and graduates classes; I am currently training four graduate students.

Major courses

Introduction to Exhibition Design; Exhibition Space; Innovative Exhibition Design; Application of Multi-media Technologies, Visual Transmission in Exhibition

Optional courses for graduates: Research in Exhibition Design