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On the evening of December 7, 2019, the "12/9" singing competition for undergraduates of Tsinghua University was held in the comprehensive gymnasium. With its outstanding performance of the songI Love the Blue Sky of My Motherland, the choir team of Xinya College and School of Aerospace Engineering (Xinya-SAE United) won the First Prize for Comprehensive Excellence and Artistic Level Award for the third consecutive year.

Over the course of 60 days, from the mobilization meeting on October 9 to the official competition on December 7, Xinya-SAE United conducted 15 rehearsals. From the wrong intonation at the beginning to the perfect performance at the end, these students made great efforts. Behind this lay the repeated patient guidance of the conductor and constant busy preparations of the counselor.

During this period, the students also conducted themed activities such as visitingthe camp of heroes, preaching at Tsinghua University High School and sharing session on the theme of "12·9" movement, which deepened their understanding of the "12/9" spirit. The whole process cannot be separated from the strong support and guarantee of the students in the themed activity group, publicity group and logistics group. Here, I would like to pay homage to all the teachers who provided Xinya-SAE United with support and all the students who participated in the chorus support work.

This year's "12/9" singing competition for undergraduates of Tsinghua coincided with the 84th anniversary of the "12/9" Movement, and 17 teams from all undergraduate departments in Tsinghua participated in the competition. The evening party on December 7 was divided into three acts, namely "Little Spark Making a Prairie Fire", "Sunrise in the East" and "Never Stop Moving". The choir team of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) started the party with theInternationale, and the Xinya-SAE United finally pushed the party to a climax with a melodious and passionate rendition ofI Love the Blue Sky of My Motherland.

When Teacher Xiang Botao slowly named the department team that had won the First Prize for Comprehensive Excellence, a burst of fierce cheering and shouts of "three consecutive championships, three consecutive championships" arose from the audience seats of Xinya-SAE United. Inside and outside the venue, the teachers and students of the Xinya College and the School of Aerospace Engineering were full of joy.

The singing of Xinya-SAE United may not be heard in the lecture hall of the Meng Minwei Science and Technology Building for the time being, but the students will never forget the wonderful two months and the joy of winning the championship in the end, and the friendship and cooperation of Xinya-SAE United will continue.

Contributed by: Xinya-SAE United

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