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On November 13th, 2019, Professor Qian Zhenming, Dean of C.W. Chu College of Soochow University, and his party came to visit and exchange with our college.Professor Gan Yang, Dean of Xinya College, Professor Cao Li,Deputy Dean of Xinya College, and Teacher Zhang Weite, Head of the Student Working Group, attended the exchange forum.

Dean Gan Yang first welcomed the visiting party from C.W. Chu College of Soochow University, then introduced the educational objectives, training mode, general core curriculum construction, college community construction and international exchanges of Xinya College to several teachers.

Later, Dean Qian Zhenming also briefly introduced the main situation of C.W. Chu College. Established in June 2011, it was the first residential college in Jiangsu Province tocultivate high-quality students. Every year, C.W. Chu College selects about 100 outstanding students from the freshmen enrolled in each college of the Tiancizhuang Campus of Soochow University, and there arecurrently more than 400 students with more than 50 disciplines and professional backgrounds. C.W. Chu College has always attached importance to general education, advocated the idea of holistic education, encouraged students to explore fieldsoutside theirmajors so astobroaden their horizons, and cultivated humanistic qualities and the scientific spirit.

In a friendly atmosphere, teachersfrom both collegesdiscussed the concept of educatingstudents, construction of general courses, construction ofcollege community, student activities and overseas exchanges, and looked forward to further cooperation and exchanges in the future.

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