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On October 23rd, 2019, Professor Deng Weijia,Deputy Dean of the Honors College of Shanghai International Studies University,and her party came to visit and exchange with our college.Cao Li and Zhao Xiaoli,deputy deans of Xinya College, and Zhang Weite,head of the Student Working Group, attended the exchange forum.

Professor Cao Li welcomed the party from the Honors College andintroduced Xinya College’s development, education and teaching.Teacher Zhao Xiaoli briefly introduced the training plan of Xinya College.Teacher Zhang Weite shared Xinya’s exploration and experience in community building, research promotion and scholarship evaluation with the teachers of the Honors College.

Established in December 2015, the Honors College is an honorary college of Shanghai International Studies University that implements“special training” for outstanding undergraduates. In recent years, a number of teaching platforms have been set up to explore new mechanisms for talent training, such as the“Experimental Class for Multilingual International Organization Talents” and “Experimental Class for Multilingual Foreign Affairs Talents”.

Starting from general education, Xinya College has embarked on a talent training road of general and specialized integration, and comprehensive interdisciplinary development of formative education, leaving a deep impression on ourpeers at Shanghai International Studies University.Through this visit, they gained an in-depth understanding of Xinya’s curriculum setting, student work, awards, research, international exchanges, social practice and other issues. The two sides pledged to cooperate and exchange in terms of core curriculum setting, student activities, etc.

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