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On the afternoon of October 16th, the welcome meeting forexternal teachers of Xinya College in the autumn semester of 2019 was held in the central main building. It was attended by members of Xinya College, five external teachers and someinternalteachers. Dean Gan Yang first welcomed and thankedall thepresentteachers, then briefly introduced the education and teaching situation of Xinya College. He sincerely hopes that the teachers will be strict with the Xinya students, andprovide guidance and trainingboth in knowledgeand personality cultivation.

Subsequently, Dean Gan Yang issued letters of appointment to the five external teachers.

In a warm atmosphere, the teachers spoke with each othercordially, sharing their new works and exchanging their academic and teaching experiences.

The external teachersand theirlectures are as follows:

Yuan Hexiang, Emeritus Professor of Soochow University, Taiwan, and former Chief Professor of the English Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He will bethe keynote teacher ofHumanistic Understanding of English Literaturethis semester.

Chen Yanjiang, Retired Associate Professor of National Sun Yat-sen University.

She will bethe keynote teacher ofIntroduction to Literary Works: Western Modern Novelsthis semester.

Zhang Zhiqiang, Researcher at the CASS Institute of Philosophy.

He will bethe keynote teacher ofChinese Philosophy (2)this semester.

Wu Fei, Professor of the Department of Philosophy of Peking University.

He will bethe keynote teacher ofPhilosophy, Politics and Economics Seminar (1)this semester

Fu Caihui,Researcher at the Institute ofNew Structural Economics of Peking University.

He will bethe keynote teacher ofComparative Economic Systems: Analysis of New Structural Economicsthis semester.

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