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On the morning of March 8th,Dean Li Meng, Secretary Wu Yanhong andtheir party fromYuanpei College of Peking University visited Xinya College for an investigation and exchange.The meeting was attended byProfessor Gan Yang, Ruan Dong, Zhao Xiaoli, and othersfromXinya College.

Yuanpei College of Peking University and Xinya College of Tsinghua University, established in 2007and 2014respectively,are undergraduate collegesdesigned to explore newtalents training modes. Dean Gan Yang first welcomed Yuanpei College’s visitors andbriefly introducedthemain conditions of Xinya College in education and teaching. Afterwards, Xinya and Yuanpeiheld a thorough exchange in terms of the transition from junior college to undergraduate,transition from bachelor’s to master’s curriculum system construction, tutors’ work, students’ work, development situation of cross-majors and so on.

Both Dean Gan Yang and Dean Li Meng stressed that although there are differences between Xinya and Yuanpei, the goalsfor which they strive are the same: they hope that Xinya and Yuanpeiwillimprove their communication and make due contributions tothe undergraduate education of Chinese universities.

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