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On April 16th, more than ten people from Portsmouth Middle School paid a visit to Xinya College and conducted a cordial and friendly exchange with Xinya teachers and students. Vice Principal Ms. Emily Pountney and Social Science Discipline Director Ms. Lisa Arther brieflyintroducedthe conditions ofPortsmouth Middle School. Located inHampshire on the coast ofSoutheast England, as one link ofthe “Preparatory Course” inthe British education system,Portsmouth Middle School hasset a two-yearacademic systemin which students cantake theA-Level curriculum, vocational skills trainingora comprehensive qualitypromotion planas an elective course.With its unique curriculum, rich extracurricular activities and innovative school building, Portsmouth Middle School won the “Lighthouse Award” at the 2017 UK National Awards.

Deputy Dean Cao Liwelcomed the visiting guests andbriefly introduced the educational concept of Xinya College and teaching practices in the five years since the college was built.Students from Xinya College also shared their own personal experiences inliberal education. Sun Bo who enrolled in 2018gave a presentation entitled“Scienceand Culture” onhow to analyzescientific progress from the angle of humanand civilization development, and how tounderstandpeople’scuriosity,exploration, and discoveryof the world from the angle ofthe history of science in Xinya’sgeneral education curriculum Scientific and Technological DevelopmentandHuman Civilization. Wang Weifan who enrolled in 2017gave a presentation entitled“Scienceand Art” on the connections of industrial design products in Disney movies and life,thenintroduced the cross-major CDIEwhich isspeciallydesigned to integrate the two goals of aesthetic appreciation and practical application. Ma Jun who enrolled in 2016 introducedthePPE cross-major and presentedits training modes andobjectivesin the three aspects of tradition,curriculum, and objectives.

After nearly two hours of discussion, teachers, and students from Xinya accompanied the guests to pay a visit to the Tsinghua campus,and led them to experience the Tsinghua dining hall.

Education is the common pursuit of the East and West,andhow best to practice education is also a topic of constant discussion betweenthe East and West. Theexchanges between Xinya College andPortsmouth Middle School displayedthe differencesin education systems andgave both sides fresh enlightenmentin a clash of ideas. We also hope thatourstudents can understand the world and China more profoundly in international exchanges, and continue to explore the futurefor the cause ofliberal education.

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