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Student Union of Xinya College


Since its establishment in 2016, the Student Union of Xinya College has been dedicated to showing students’ talent, bringing students closer emotionally and carrying forward the spirit of Xinya College. With more than 80 members, the Student Union has organized college activities such as orientation parties, teacher-student sharing activities and academic seminars. It has also developed colorful student activities including art exhibitions, Winter Solstice celebrations and the Student Festivals. Here is where many heartwarming stories start.

Departments of the Student Union

Internal Affairs Department

The Internal Affairs Department handles affairs related to Xinya students’ daily lives. Specifically, the department is responsible for Xinya Weekly, dealing with and giving feedback to problems regarding students’ rights and interests, and hosting orientation activities, Student Festival roadshows, annual student congresses and other activities. Over the past few years, the department has set up the “Question Box for Students’ Rights and Interests”, and brought new life back to Xinya Weekly and other columns. It also jointly operates the WeChat mini program “Xinya Life Assistant” with the Student Management Committee of Xinya College.

Study Department

The Study Department provides students with learning information, resources, services and activities with Xinya characteristics. Over the past years, the department has released course selection guides and a series of information related to transferring majors, while also organizing learning and vacation activities.

Department of Literature and Art

The Department of Literature and Art is responsible for hosting literary and artistic activities geared toward students, including Winter Solstice celebrations and the Art Week during the Student Festival. The department’s aim is to become a professional team empowering students to build their dreams and offer platforms and support to students to give artistic performances at the college. The department is also responsible for running the column “Dahua Xinya (The Story of Xinya)” and hosting hint fiction contests and other literary and artistic activities.

Publicity Department

Serving as the creative activity center of the Student Union, the Publicity Department can produce amazing prints, graphics and new media design. The department keeps challenging itself to adorn various large events such as Student Festivals, Winter Solstice celebrations and orientation activities with creative and resonant posters and publicity materials.

Sports Department

The Sports Department’s work revolves around the sports and physical training of Xinya students. It is responsible for the training, activity registration and publicity of the John Ma Cup, marathons and other sports activities organized by the university and its sports departments. In addition, the department is responsible for organizing sports activities such as basketball and volleyball games and planning the various sports teams’ publicity and event participation within the college. In recent years, the department has launched a set of activities such as exclusive interviews with graduate sports personalities, the sports point program and scouting among the freshmen. It works to continuously improve the capability of the existing sports teams as well as to develop new ones.

External Affairs Department

The External Affairs Department is responsible for raising funds for student activities of Xinya College, building a cooperation bridge between external units and Xinya College, and providing students with exchange opportunities with students from other universities, colleges and departments. The department is also responsible for planning art exhibitions and activities during large events such as the Art Week and hosting other college welfare activities.

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