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During May 22ndto 24th, Professor Kostas Buraselis, Principal Advisorand Former Vice Presidentof Academic and International Affairs of the University of Athens, paid a visit to Xinya College of Tsinghua University. Several months ago, teachers and students from Xinya College paid a visit tothe University of Athens on a study tourduring theirwinter vacation. This time,Professor Buraselis paid a return visit, and the teachers and students of Xinya welcomedthe professor with the same warmthand kindness.

On the morning of May 23rd, Professor Buraselis andhis wife paid a visit to the campus ofTsinghua University.The professor paid close attention to the development ofTsinghua University. Every place he went, he asked for details about its background, and sought buildings onthecampus relevant toGreek culture with great interest.

Professor Yang Bin,Vice President and Academic Dean of Tsinghua University, metProfessor Buraselis andhis wife in Hall“H”. Both sides discussed the establishment of university-level communication and cooperation. Professor Yang Bin said thatTsinghua University hopes to build more excellent academiccooperation relationships around the world.The University of Athens is the most ancient and influential university in Greece. He hopes that the two universitieswillpositively explore and promote exchange visitsby theirteachers and studentsin order to contribute to adialogue between Chinese and Greek civilizations.Inconducting exchanges with Xinya College, the University of Athens hopes to establish a university-level cooperation relationship withTsinghua University on the original foundations, carry outfurther cooperation in the futureand facilitate exchanges between China and Greece in education and culture. The meeting was attended by Professor Gan Yang,Dean of Xinya, Professor Cao Li, Deputy Deanof Xinya College,Deputy Director GeneralMeng Bo oftheInternational Office and others.

Afterwards, Professor Buraselis andhis wife visited Xinya College and conducted a friendly and profound exchange withitsteachers andstudents.

Professor Buraselisobtained his degree in History and Architecture from the University of Athens in 1973, and his doctorate in Ancient History from the University of PhilipMarburg in 1979. He has long been engaged in the study ofAncient Greece. While chatting with Xinya students around the table,Professor Buraselis first spoke of the self-confidence and pride oftheGreek people regarding their own identity in all kinds ofancient Greek literature, and how thissense of identity turned into an affirmationof the Greek people’s wisdom,knowledge, and education after enteringthe Age of Alexander. The Xinya students combinedthe knowledgethey learned in thegeneral education curriculum courseAncient Greek Civilizationand discussed with the professor a variety of issues concerning Ancientand Modern Greece.Professor Buraselis praisedthe Xinya studentsas positive,curious andhospitable, and welcomedthem to be guests ofthe University of Athens again.

The following day, the professor and his wifewent sightseeing to the Great Wall,Tian’anmen and Temple of Heaven.With a strong interest in the ancient architecture of Beijing,they were deeply impressed by thetowering Great Wall,magnificent and beautiful Tian’anmen,andexquisite and delicate Temple of Heaven.

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