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On the afternoon of April 18th, 2019,Xinya College welcomed a new friend;the difference was that this“friend” is a robot.

The robot MoRo was donated to Xinya College by Beijing Ewaybot as a robot platform on which the students can independently make scientific innovations and improve their practical abilities. The donation ceremony washeld in the meeting room of the main buildingof Xinya College on the afternoon ofthe18th,and attended by CTO ofEwaybot andfellow student of Tsinghua University Senior Shang Weijian,Algorithm Expert of Erabor. Zhao Yuchen,Academic Leader in CDIE of Xinya College and Professor ofthe Department of Mechanics Ji Linhong,Zhang Weite,Assistant toDean of Xinya College andseveral Xinya students.

At the beginning of the ceremony, on behalf of the teachers and students of Xinya, Ji Linhong thanked Ewaybot and introduced the basic situation of Xinya’s special cross-major CDIE(Creative Design and Intelligence Engineering) to theattendees. Afterwards, Senior Shang Weijian and Dr. Zhao Yuchenshowed the students the main functions ofMoRo.

After gaining a rough idea of MoRo, thestudentsheld a discussion withthetwo seniorson certain technical details of MoRo, development tendencies of civil robots and otherissues. Under thestep-by-step guidance oftheseniors, the studentsconducted simpleposture adjustments,location moving,visual inspection and other operations for MoRo, and gradually became familiar with this“new friend”.

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